Another school year behind us and another moment to reflect on the year that’s been. When writing my last ROSbrief entry back in December the government had just announced a new lockdown due to the omicron variant and it was entirely unclear to anyone at the time how long our doors would stay closed for. Fortunately this lasted for just a few days before the winter vacation and we were able to welcome students back immediately after the break!

Tto 4

The study trips to Malta, Barcelona and Cyprus would certainly have to be the highlights of the second half of the year for tto 4. It was of course quite unfortunate that the three exchanges weren’t possible this year but the study trips were a wonderful replacement. The students had an amazing week, they learned a lot about themselves and the countries they were visiting and came back with stories that will hopefully last longer than their time here at the RLO!  A few weeks later most of the students from tto 4 went to Utrecht to sit their Cambridge English exams, which they’ve been preparing for since the November. This summer they’ll get their results and we are expecting them to have done very well!

Tto 5

Unfortunately for the 5th graders their travel week in March was canceled due to knock-on effects from the omicron variant. We are very pleased however that the trips that were planned for March will be able to be organized in the first week of term 2 next school year.  During the week that would have been their travel week the students from havo 4 and vwo/tto 5 spent two days working on their profielwerkstukken, or final theses. And to reward them for their hard work that week we went with the whole group to the Efteling! We discovered very quickly that going there on a Wednesday in March is great as there were almost no lines, which meant that the students (and teachers) could go on the Baron and Joris en de Draak as much as their hearts and stomachs could handle 😊!

Tto 6

Our exam students finished off their careers at the RLO in extremely impressive fashion! Despite all of the challenges they’ve faced the past two years the tto 6 cohort passed with an extremely high percentage with no fewer than nine students graduating Cum Laude. Last week on Wednesday it was a true joy to see all of the graduates seated in the aula and to be able to speak to them.  As I mentioned in my speech that day, the way in which they’ve conducted themselves these past three years is proof that they have prepared themselves for all of the challenges still to come, and I’m sure they will be successful!

For now I hope everyone enjoys a well-deserved summer vacation! I certainly know I will!

Jesse Torgersen,
afdelingsleider tto bovenbouw