At the special educational needs primary school PI de Brug, 42 RLO students organized last week Friday an activity called Brusjesdag (in Dutch: broer – brother, zusje – sister; combined Brusjes-dag).

Most of the kids come to this school every day by special busses and therefore the families do not have the chance to visit the school very often. On 10th of June, brothers, sisters, parents and other relatives could have fun with the activities done by our mp4, mp5 and dp1 students and could enjoy the food served by our dp1 students.

The event took place for the last time in June 2019 and we have noticed that the students, teachers, parents and families of the primary school had really missed it and participated this year with a lot of pleasure. The parents council of the primary school was very grateful for our help. Our students also loved to help and had a lot of fun as well.

Afbeelding met persoon, voorbereiden, koken

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijvingWe do this activity since 2009 and we hope we will keep doing it as all people involved enjoy the event every year and participate with pleasure.

Florentina Rosca Pruna