Michaela (T5) tweede bij GNE speaking awards

Michaela uit T5 heeft namens onze school meegedaan aan de public speaking awards. Dit is een wedstrijd waarbij studenten en leerlingen van 15 t/m 18 jaar hun Engelse spreek- of schrijfvaardigheid in de strijd gooien. De deelnemers geven een korte speech in het Engels. Degene met het beste verhaal en de beste presentatie wint. Lees hieronder hoe het Michaela is vergaan:

On Wednesday 31st March, Michaela Nikolova (T5) competed in the finals of the GNE public speaking awards competition hosted by NUFFIC. This competition is open to all students in the Netherlands aged 15 to 18. The candidates must write and perform a persuasive speech in English inspired by a six set topics. Michaela had already out-performed the stiff competition in the regional rounds to make it to the finals and compete online with the eight best public speakers in the Netherlands.

Michaela had the difficult position of being the first speaker, but unfazed she spoke passionately and with conviction on the subject of ‘portion distortion’.  She appealed to the public to become aware of the food we waste through our own greed and the tactics of marketeers. The jury praised her on her connection to the audience, her excellent use of signaling language and her use of rhyme, alliteration and catch-phrase to draw in her audience.

After the eight finalists had performed and the jury had deliberated, the jury chair praised all the speakers on their inspiring, entertaining, educational and moving speeches. Michaela was given second position as the only runner-up. A marvelous achievement, Michaela,  and your English teacher and the English department are extremely proud and pleased for you.


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