Michaela (T2) naar finale Junior Speaking Contest

Twee leerlingen van onze school deden mee aan de regionale rondes van de Junior Speaking Contest. Lees hieronder in het Engels hoe het is gegaan:

On 8 March 2021 Michaela Hekkelman (T2) and Ytsa Szkudlarek (T3) participated in the regional rounds of the NUFFIC Junior Speaking Contest. Both students delivered their powerful speech containing inspiring messages. They established their credibility by using creative hooks, engaging examples, clear facts and supporting statements. Michaela spoke about the marvellous example Captain Sir Tom Moore set in 'Our World War' against the Corona virus and how we help as well by just wearing our masks and caring about others. Ytsa shared a moving example set by Getu, a nurse in the maternity ward in the University teaching hospital in Lusaka who recently got promoted to Honorary Consul for Ethiopia in Zambia to give Ethiopian refugees a voice in court. The speeches were properly worded in perfect pitch and volume. Pauses were used appropriately. Both students presented their speeches on this year's theme of #AStoryThatMovedMe 2021 via Teams online. Several schools in Zuid-Holland, Utrecht and Friesland competed in "The Cloud'. Michaela won in category T2. She can go on to the National Finals. Congratulations, Michaela! Your English teachers TTO lower years are very proud of your representing our school in the next round and we wish you the best of luck!

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