Juliette Veth (T5) Runner-Up in finale van GNE Competition

Afgelopen zaterdag waren Wessel van der Linde (T5),  Juliette Veth (T5), and Tijmen de Vries (T5) in Zwolle om deel te nemen aan de finale van de GNE Awards: national speaking and writing awards. De GNE Awards zijn 2 wedstrijden voor studenten en leerlingen van 16 tot 20 jaar. Voor de Public Speaking Award demonstreren jongeren hun spreekvaardigheid, bij de Young Writers Award gaat het om hun schrijfvaardigheid. Docente Engels Marleen Spierings begeleidde de leerlingen. Voor het verslag van de dag in het Engels, zie hieronder:

Today we were in Zwolle for the finals of the national speaking and writing awards which is giving students the opportunity to step into the spotlight and showcase their English communication skills. The venue was the Deltion College in Zwolle. In the semis  Tijmen de Vries (T5), Juliette Veth (T5) and Wessel van der Linde (T5) each had to deliver an impromptu speech. There were two heats with each 8 candidates. Our students competed in the same heat.

At 12.15, the finalists for speaking were announced and “yes’, Julliette and Wessel had made it. Then it was time for lunch, the weather was great and an hour later the finals for both competitions started in the auditorium. And so parents, relatives, guests, supporters and teachers sat in the aula to listen to what the candidates had to say on one of the following topics:

  • The power of love. 
  • If time-traveling were possible, this is what I’d do.
  • With great power comes great responsibility.
  • Snap out of it! Social media: blessing or curse? 
  • “I’ve got nothing to hide”- The issue of privacy in relation to terrorism. 
  • The best way to predict the future is to invent it. 

    Eight speakers and eight writers competed in the finals and of these 16 candidates in total, 3 were from Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest.  It really felt as if we had already won a big prize. 

    For the writing competition there were 80 entries from different schools. The finalists were interviewed in front of the audience while the chair of the organizing committee of the GNE awards read out parts of their entries. 

    In the end Julliette was nominated runner-up in the speaking competition. With 3 Rijnlanders in the finals we can be really proud. All finalists will be invited to meet the British Ambassador at his residence in The Hague.

    See: https://www.nuffic.nl/voortgezet-onderwijs/talenonderwijs/gne-awards


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