Julie één van de beste tweetalige sprekers

Op 11 april stond Julie van Cranenburgh in de nationale finale van de Junior Speaking Contest. Bekijk hier haar optreden>>>

Hoe ze het gedaan heeft kunt u hieronder lezen in het Engelstalige verslag:


On 11th  April Julie van Cranenburgh took part in the finalists' competion of the Junior Speaking Contest. This is a national competition  for all schools who teach bilingual education. Sixteen finalists were selected in the regional rounds, which took part throughout the Netherlands. In the finals,  which were held at De Lieve Vrouw theatre in Amersfoort, eight second year TTO students and eight  third year students competed to win the Junior speaking contest for their year group. All speeches were performed in English and both content and performance were taken into account during the judging. Julie van Cranenburgh (Tg2) had won in her round of the regional finals, and now she had the opportunity to perform her speech 'Slave-free Chocolate'  in the finals. Julie delivered a polished performance and answered the jury questions expertly. Unfortunately, she did not win in her year group. Nevertheless, it was a unique experience and a fantastic achievement to be one of the eight best third year bilingual speakers in the Netherlands. Congratulations Julie.

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